Compare Web Site Designers

Equine / Horse web site designer, CR Equine Sites

If you are looking for someone to design your horse, dog, or ranch web site, you should consider quality, service, AND long-term pricing. Print this page and fill in the table as you compare designers to help you decide which designer will best serve you. Whether it is CR Equine Sites or someone else, you deserve the designer that will best suit your needs!

Designer Web Address # of Pages Included Design Cost Domain Name Cost Yearly Web Hosting Who Does Updates Hourly Update Cost Total Expected First Year Cost Possible Yearly Cost After First Year Date Site Completion Expected Quality of Sites (scale 1-10)
with CR Easy Updates
Up to 100 included in this price! $450 Included $175 Site Owner, so no charge for most updates. Free, if site owner does updates. $20 if CR Equine Sites does. $625 $175    
                This column is very important. Include cost estimates for site updates, domain name, and hosting charges when calculating this.    

Note that the "Total Expected Costs for First Year" and "Possibly Yearly Costs After First Year" should include your expected costs for updating your site throughout the year. With CR Easy Forms, most web site customers will do all their own updating, and therefore, there won't be updating charges.

But most other designers must perform your updates for you (price changes, new pictures, new horses/dogs for sale, etc.). Try to determine how many times per year you will need an update. Most simple updates are done in 15 to 60 minutes. These costs REALLY add up if you need to change pictures on your site throughout the year.

It is VERY important to keep your site updated frequently. Return visitors will keep returning if there is new content frequently. If you don't update frequently, people won't have a reason to return to your site!