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Unfortunately, we have to take care of housekeeping, which includes legal gobbledygook that is necessary when running a business.

CR Equine Sites makes no guarantees about the success of your web site. The product you sell, the market conditions, and how you represent your product are not within our control.

By ordering a web site, you agree to protect and indemnify CR Equine Sites, its owners, representatives, and agents against all liabilities, loss or expenses including any consult or attorney's fees and including any or all court costs arising from claims for libel, unfair infringement of trademarks, names or patents, unfair competition, all unfair trade practices, violation of privacy and infringement of copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from the publishing/creation of a web site.

CR Equine Sites is not to be held accountable for copyright infringement or resulting damages on the part of the site owner, such as when the site owner provides or uses photographs or text for their web site.

CR Equine Sites is not liable for loss caused by failure of a web server/web host or software to keep the site online. Periodic offline time and software failures are to be expected. Both CR Equine Sites and web hosting companies will do their best to return sites to online status when such events occur.

In the event of any omissions or errors on site content/updating/programming by CR Equine Sites, CR Equine Sites' liability shall be limited to the correction of the omission or error (with customer paying for the normal charge of time spent or item cost only once). CR Equine Sites will not assume liability for the loss of a sale or any other loss.

Should a customer fail to pay the bill for site maintenance, domain name, and/or hosting, CR Equine Sites reserves the right to take the site offline or replace the content with another site or empty page until the bill is paid in full.

If a customer decides to move their site to another web server, the domain will be relinquished when all monies due to CR Equine Sites are paid and received in verified funds. CR Equine Sites does not charge for the transfer of the domain to the new host, and only requires that payment of the current bill and that any new charges for the transfer are paid if new charges are incurred for domain/hosting renewal by our web host.

If the site's design graphics are used by the new web designer, reference must be kept on the site's pages with a link to CR Equine Sites in a visible location/size unless both parties agree to the removal. If CR Equine Sites requests that the reference be removed, the new site's designer must remove the reference.


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