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Equine / Horse web site designer, CR Equine Sites

We see no reason to hide our prices from you, or make you call us so we can draw you in with fast-talking sales people.  The table below will give you an indication of what a web site might cost.  If you like more details, click here for an example of what the cost of getting and maintaining a site might be for the first couple years (a more long-term look).

The FIRST Year:

This is the most expensive year, as you will pay for the design of the site. Typical cost for development of the site and hosting for the first year: $590

Custom-Designed Sites
(including custom-designed graphics scheme)
CR Easy Updates: You Maintain Your Own Site Content!
Design Cost, a one-time fee $450 Includes up to 100 web pages for this one, low price!***
Web hosting and domain name per year $140*** Hosted on our server.

***Limitations on site storage space and bandwidth usage apply, but are generous.

Each Year Thereafter:

You pay only the annual hosting to keep your site online, typically $140 per year.

Since you will maintain your site via CR Easy Updates, you will not pay the designer fees for making typical changes to the site.

Do You Need a Site, But Don't Want to do Your Updates?

After mid March, 2009, we don't anticipate accepting any sites fitting into the "old" method, where we do the updating to your site. This is because we feel it is far better for customers to maintain their sites frequently and without cost to them. Occasional exceptions may occur, so contact us if you want a site, but don't want to do your own updating "just in case" we have an opening.

***Limitations on site storage space and bandwidth usage apply, but are generous.

Don't Get Tricked!

A couple of designers are advertising FREE web site design with a $30 per month fee to host the site.  First, they are probably using templates that make their sites look like they were made with a cookie cutter.  But worse...their $30/month hosting fee is costly!  Add that up over a 3-year period of time and you will have grossly overspent!  Our hosting fee is currently $15/month for an average site (or less).  That is MUCH more affordable!

How Do We Compare To Other Equine Web Designers?

Feature Our Cost Others' Averages
Monthly Hosting, average-size site $12-15 $20
Additional pages
(additional pages typically FREE when you use CR Easy Updates, as you create them yourself)
$0 $50-$250
per page
Hourly charge for editing, (editing not needed when you use CR Easy Updates, as you edit your own site) $0 $50-$80
  Our Costs Competitors' Costs

Our prices will generally fall within the setup fee below, but there are some extras you may choose to add to your web, if you desire.  You'll find that we do some extras for free, as our goal is to provide you with a product that will help your business succeed. 

PS...if we do all this, what do YOU have to do?  Click here to find out what we need from you. 

Price Table Order Form Credit Card Payments Sample Cost Per Year Make A Payment


To begin working on a web site, we require $150 down payment, with the rest due at the completion of the site unless we work out payments.  It is well worth the expense, from our experience, as well as our customers' experiences!

You may pay by personal check, certified check, or credit card.  To pay by check, mail your payment to:

Toni Perdew
CR Equine Sites
3005 Lexington Ct
Bedford, IA  50833  USA

To pay via a credit card now, click here: Make A Payment

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