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Over the years, we've heard many stories from customers about how their site has increased their sales, exposed them to new customers, and allowed them to increase their prices and still make sales. One customer sold a horse to Europe within 2 months of her site going online!

All of these things amount to more profit!

Recently, someone asked us why we didn't have those stories posted online.

Hmmm....that's a good question! Starting now, I'll share examples of success stories here as they come along.

Cedar Ridge Beagles Success Story:

"When we first began offering our beagle puppies for sale, we were asking the same prices, or even lower prices, than other people that had beagles for sale online. Due to the web site's exposure and popularity, we have been able to increase the price of each puppy by about 70% in just 3 years, and we are not only finding excellent homes still, but we are often sold out when the puppies are just a couple weeks old!"

B4 Ranch Success Story:

Thank you Toni! We sold our new foal when he was only 4 days old! The buyer was browsing our web site, and we had just added him to our New Foals web page. They called, came to see him, and bought him before they left the ranch. All possible due to our web site! Success Story:

Our horses are now located throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe thanks to our web site. We enjoy watching our hit counter to see what countries our potential customers are located in, and through the web site have now sold about 15 horses to Europe. It is exciting to see pictures of the horses we've owned in their new homes in Europe with the beautiful countryside they now call home.

Send us your stories!


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